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Constant Spirit - A Snarry Collab Fic

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Chapter 1: Sunbeam [May. 2nd, 2010|12:42 am]
Constant Spirit - A Snarry Collab Fic

After a long night of the duo having no clue what to do about this new situation, Severus had finally told Harry in his snide way that he was going to be of no use to defeating Voldemort if he didn't get some sleep. Fortunately the young man had been in such a shocked state that he'd promptly laid back down and tried to fall asleep. He'd tried for a very long time. It had been shortly before dawn that the young man had finally succumbed to sleep. 

Now Severus floated but two feet from the sleeping man trying very hard not to imagine the feel of wrapping his hands around Potter's throat and throttling him in his sleep.  Not, he scoffed, that he would be able to do so. He'd figured that out two nights ago when Potter had managed to stay unconscious and he'd given in to his 'baser' instincts and tried.  Unfortunately the only thing that had happened was he'd been able to touch Potter's neck. He could not flex his ghostly hands to squeeze, no matter how hard he'd tried he could not. Suddenly he'd realized the shocking truth. He could touch his neck! He was a bloody ghost and yet his fingers had slide along the curve, felt the heart pulse beneath the surface, and the tensing of the muscles in the neck as Harry's head tossed to one side. His shock had been so profound that he wrenched his hands away and looked at them as though they were foreign and unfamiliar.  His neck had been so soft though.

He cursed at himself for allowing his mind to wander again. You fool. You should be thinking about why you are obviously not a ghost and trying to figure out what the hell you are.  Instead you are baffling over the bloody feeling of skin.  He shook his transparent head and went back to testing his limits, thus coming to the same conclusion he'd come to the last 200 times he'd walked the boundaries. He could walk through any inanimate object he wanted, in any direction he wanted, and yet he could not get more then what appeared to be one body length away from the wretched Potter.  As he approached the limits of the space he could travel his spirit would tug at him and he would move slower until he literally stopped moving forward. it didn't matter what he did. Running, walking, jumping, though he'd never have attempted the last if anyone could have seen him. It made no difference and the outcome all came back to the same thing.

He made a turn to walk back across to the other side of his prison when a small beam of sunlight flashed through the crack of the drape that someone had carelessly closed and the beam danced across the room. It struck the picture frame and as he turned his eye was drawn to the wizardry photo it held. Lily was looking at the camera trying to motion the photographer into the picture. She had a large flower with a vibrate pink and deep purple bleeding effect shoved carelessly behind her left ear and a full smile that he remembered as though it were yesterday. It was only 4th year and he remembered sneaking out to Greenhouse 4 to steal the beautiful flower for the girl who'd been the only person to show him kindness.  He smiled softly as he watched the photo Lily carelessly tugged at a swirl of hair causing the flower to drop. As it did she grasped at the floating flower as it disappeared off the photo. Promptly putting it back behind her ear and returning to trying to bring the photographer onto the picture.

He attempted to reach for the photo and realized the sun caused his transparent ghostly state to disappear.  However when he removed his hand from the sunbeam it did not reappear. Struck by a thought, he realized that at dawn he became invisible and while he was still tied to Potter, the young man would no longer be able to see him.  So that's why he's not seen me before tonight. However I wonder...

* * *

Harry groaned as light from the sun spilled over his face. The redheaded problem he come to rely on had once again crept into the room and flung open the draperies. The scent of overwhelming flowers and exotic places invaded his nose and made him wince at how much perfume the woman put on.  Her quiet humming and swish and sway of her skirt was enough to make him go crazy. He loved the woman to death but one of these days he was going to take her out back and murder her.

"Good Morning Harry!" The extremely cheerful Ginny said with a huge smile on her face. "Do you remember what we're doing today?"

For a moment he wanted to tell her the rest of the family was going to be burying the one person crazy enough to wake him before ten. But when he rolled over he caught sight of the clock and the numbers on it distinctly said it was far later then ten.  11:35.  Startled he sat up suddenly. "Why didn't anyone wake me sooner.  We need to get things moving if we're going to be looking into setting up another site for Order members." 

Harry bounded out of bed and heard the faint sound of quiet amusement.  Frowning, he turned to Ginny. "Did you hear something?"

She looked at him for a minute as her grin started to fade before she said slowly, "No, are you alright Harry? You don't normally sleep so late. Maybe you're catching a cold or something. It makes me go all wonky sometimes too. Listen, why don't you get dressed and come downstairs. Mom will look you over and I'm sure you'll feel more comfortable doing so if your not just wearing you boxers." Ginny was back to winking as she pointed out the pair of dark green silk boxers Harry had gotten on one of his latest shopping trips. She bounded back to the door and before she disappeared around the edge she looked back and said, "aah, Harry if only you weren't gay. You are one dandy looking guy."

She missed the flush of pink that graced just the edges of his face and the tips of his ear.  Therefore she also missed the surprise as he lunged for his wand and started aiming it in circles.

"Who's there. I heard the sharp intake of breath." 

"So you can still hear me. That certainly narrows settles that. You truly are an idiotic boy. Can't even remember a simple midnight meeting, especially one as shocking as a ghost that haunts you." Severus' voice seemed odd coming from nowhere at all.

"What? wait that really happened? I didn't dream it. By the gods I must be going crazy. Now I'm hearing ghosts that aren't even there."

"Fool. I am still here. It appears that when I come into contact with sunlight I disappear from view." His voice seemed dry.

"So what, you're like a ghostly vamp? I knew you spent way too much time out of the sun and in the dungeons even when you were alive." Harry went to the closet to pull out some clothes. When he set the pants down on the bed something occurred to him. "So You've been with me for 3 days?"

"That would be correct." Severus' voice rang dryly.

Harry squirmed a little uneasily as he was unsure of how to broach the subject. "Have,"  he paused a moment, "you been watching me the whole time?" He tried to be nonchalant about it but he was about as obvious as a boulder in the middle of the road. He was in the closet pulling a shirt off a hanger when Severus spoke.

"Mister Potter, Are you implying that I have spent the last three days watching an underage boy dress and undress?" The icy tone seemed to freeze the words in the air and chill the room. Harry turned around and looked randomly around the room while he considered what to say next. His worry showed from the slight way his hands clutched at the t-shirt wringing it like a towel.

"Well, you have to admit. It's a logical question for someone my age to ask. While I can understand someone of your," He paused a moment while he searched for good word to call him, "exquisite control might not watch. I can assure you. There are plenty others who would love to be in your shoes." There was a bitter tone and Harry knew it. He had the impression of Severus watching him but shook it off as he pulled out a pair of blue silk boxer of the same brand as he was wearing and a pair of socks.  Shoving the draw of the dresser closed he moved out of the closet and toward the bed again. He figured at this point if Severus had been watching there was no point to try and hide seeing as he probably saw all he needed.

* * * 

Severus turned around when he realized that Harry was going to change and wondered about the bitter sound in his voice. There are plenty others who would love to be in your shoes. For some reason that line made a knot in his stomach while he tried to close out the sound of clothes moving across skin. 
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#2 - Part One [Jul. 15th, 2006|11:18 pm]
Constant Spirit - A Snarry Collab Fic

//"It's not your fault, Harry.  No one blames you." 

  "He died saving my life." 

  "But it was his choice.  It wasn't your fault."  //

It had been two nights, and he couldn't sleep.  Every time he closed his eyes he saw Snape's sharp features ablaze with the fire, saw Snape's body being ripped apart in an explosion of flesh and blood.  Every time he nodded off he dreamed of his body drenched in the other man's blood, bits of his flesh clinging to Harry's face and clothes.  So he stayed awake. 

Why did Snape save him?  Why didn't Snape just tell him that he was in the Order, that Dumbledore had begged to be killed, that he would have given his life for Harry?  Why?  Because you wouldn't have listened, would you?  God, how he hated himself. 

He didn't know why it bothered him so much.  These past two years people have continued to die around him, and some of them, admittedly, had died to save him as well.  But after Sirius and Dumbledore it seemed as if Harry had numbed, and the pain became detached and barely noticeable.  Snape's death made something inside him cave and crumble, and the debris and shrapnel was still cutting him up from within.  Finding out that Snape was on their side was somehow worse than finding out he had betrayed them, because Harry no longer had any reason to hate Snape.  He needed to hate Snape, because hate was the strongest emotion he could muster anymore for someone new --but then Snape was never new, was he?-- and the Half-Blood Prince deserved that, at least. 

Now there was only stinging regret and resentment because Harry had wanted to know the Half-Blood Prince and had never been able to really know Snape and would never get the chance to try. 

Somewhere in the middle of the night he shifted, rolled back so that he wasn't on his side anymore.  The ceiling was grey in the half-light, and so it looked like a shadow at first, but then it moved.  He made a quick grab for his glasses.  His eyes took a moment to adjust to the cleared sight and then his heart all but stopped. 

Towering over him at the foot of his bed, his face grey and transparent, was Severus Snape. 

He stared at Snape's ghost for what seemed like hours but was probably only a few minutes.  He could see the door through Snape's body, but other than that, the man was exactly as he remembered.  Long, dark, stringy hair framed a sharp, angular face.  His lips were thin and serious, and his eyes, though no longer black -- he was silvery grey all over -- were as piercing as always.  Harry blinked and he didn't go away. 

He was glaring at Harry, and his lips curled into a snarl of disdain as he folded his arms across his chest.  "Potter," he said, voice dripping with scorn, still a deep rich velvet that made Harry want to shiver.  Yes, it was definitely Snape.  No one else could annoy him so much by merely saying his name, he was sure. 

"Snape," he replied, at a lost for words.  What did one say to the ghost of the person who gave his life for one?  Thanks?  That seemed a bit trite.  He had the sudden urge to launch himself at Snape and shake some sense into him because it was stupid to just die that way, but he remembered what happened the last time he launched himself at Snape and the guilt cut into him deeper.  "Why're you here?" he said before he could stop himself. 

Snape tilted his chin down a tiny bit and glared harder.  "I assure you, Potter, that I do not know.  It certainly was not my choice to join the ranks of Peeves and Sir Bloody Nicholas.  If this is God's way of punishing me for my deeds then God is too cruel by far."  Harry blinked again.  Yes, make no mistake about it, this was Severus Snape. 

"But what happened?" 

Snape looked at him as if he was a moron.  "I told you.  I. Do. Not. Know."

Harry was confused.  "You mean you just popped up all of a sudden?" He was trying to hold back the impossible rage that was niggling its way out of him.  This was not the time to bitch at Snape about his infuriating attitude.  The man was a ghost, for God's sake! 

"No, Potter.  And what's more."  Snape stopped, as if he had caught himself.  He glared accusingly at Harry. 

"What?" Harry demanded, defensive already.  He hated that Snape could make him so defensive. 

"What's more, I've been here for days.  And I can't seem to wander off more than a meter or two away from you." 

Did Snape just say what Harry thought he had?  Snape's expression was serious and a little pained.  Oh, he did.  Christ.
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#1 - Prologue [Jul. 15th, 2006|10:34 am]
Constant Spirit - A Snarry Collab Fic


This is the prologue.  Feel free to edit it if you want.  I'm also sending it to my beta readers after the ficathon to read, and will post the revised version here as well.


// Ron burst into Harry's room, his face red with anger.  "They've attacked Shacklebolt's home.  Remus has already left." 

He was reading a spell book, and he set it aside.  Silently he dressed in his oldest robes, pulled his broom out of the closet, cast a fixing charm on his glasses, and followed Ron out.  Hermione was waiting for them in the front, and the three flew off.  No one stopped them, no one else was around.  Everyone else had gone ahead.

When they arrived it was full dark and the house was burning.  Kingsley's six year old daughter was lying in a widening blotch of red on the roof. 

He didn't know how he got into the fire, only that someone was crying from the inside, and in a minute he was walking through the stinging flames, searching for the other little girl.  He couldn't find her -- the crying had stopped -- and the smoke started to invade his body through his nose and mouth and eyes.  His eyes watered and he coughed, trying to dispel the smoke from his throat; it wasn't working out quite well.  Something rumbled, and he looked up to see the balcony collapsing.  He watched as it came closer and closer over his head, and closed his eyes to wait.

A hand gripped his, and suddenly he felt as if he was being turned inside out, then put back together again.  He stumbled and fell onto the damp grass outside. 

"Kindly do not attempt suicide while I am about, Potter," the dark, heavy voice drawled at him, and abruptly he wasn't dizzy anymore -- only screamingly enraged. 

"Snape!" he growled, lurching to his feet.  He aimed his wand at the former Potions Master.  "You did this!  You killed them!"

Snape's eyes darkened imperceptibly, and had the flames not been reflecting off of them Harry would not have seen this.  "You are a fool, Potter," was all he said. 

How dare he!  How dare he talk to Harry as if he hadn't betrayed them and killed Dumbledore!  Harry lunged himself at the older man, his fists intent on doing damage to that arrogant face.  Snape caught both of his wrists somehow and held him away.  "Stop it this instant, idiot boy!" Snape said, and he was about to say something else when they both heard Lucius Malfoy's voice behind them, muttering a curse.  Snape's eyes widened and he was twisting, hurling Harry behind him and to the side as a flash of red light raced towards them. 

Harry grunted as his head hit against a jagged piece of pavement.  The pain was sharp and immediate, and before he lost consciousness he heard the explosion as the red light hit Snape's body and the blood started to splatter. 


He opened his eyes to sunshine, and his ears were still ringing from the explosion the night before.  The explosion that tore Snape into a million pieces.  Funny -- he had thought he wanted to see it, to cause it, and now that it's happened he was nothing but confused.  

"Harry," Remus said to his right, and he felt a hand fall on his hair.  "You're awake." 

"Snape?" he asked.  His voice was wet and raspy all at the same time, something he hadn't thought was possible.  "Wha--"  I dreamed that Snape saved me and died.  It must have been a nightmare. . . 

"Severus did not make it," Remus murmured, and he sounded regretful, sad.  So it was real, then.  But--

"Why...  Why did he save me?"  He stopped.  Did Snape save him?  "He did, didn't he?"  

Remus nodded.  "There is something we haven't told you, Harry.  We suspect a spy in the Order, and so we didn't feel it was safe telling many people.  Only myself, Kingsley, and Moody know.  We weren't sure how you would take it either."  Oh God.  Oh no. . .  "Severus was a spy for the Order all along, Harry.  He must have recognized the curse Malfoy was sending towards you.  Hermione saw him knock you aside and take the brunt of it." 

"He died to save me..." Harry said muttered, as if it hadn't already been clear as day what had happened.  Remus closed his eyes briefly, then opened them and slid his hand down to squeeze Harry's shoulder. 

"No one blames you, Harry.  It wasn't your fault." 

No.  It was never his fault.  Never.  "No, it isn't, is it?  Whose was it then?  Was it Snape's?" 


"I need to sleep," Harry said, and then he closed his eyes and pretended that he wasn't being swallowed by a sea of regret. 

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Constant Spirit - A Snarry Collab Fic [Jul. 14th, 2006|11:01 am]
Constant Spirit - A Snarry Collab Fic

Constant Spirit is a collaboration fic between crystalusagi and palsville.  This collab fic is written as a part of our (as of yet unofficial) slash_me_twice prompts table.  Will also be used for hp_ficathon and 100quills

Summary: When more and more people start to die around him, Harry begins to feel increasingly isolated from all that he knew.  Things are about to get much stranger when he gains an unlikely companion. 
Warnings: Death!fic.  Some angst.  Some silliness.  Some fluff. 
Spoilers: Up to HBP. 
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slash_me_twice prompt table [Jul. 14th, 2006|12:34 am]
Constant Spirit - A Snarry Collab Fic

006.Solid.007.Liquid.008.Danger - Prologue009.Sharp.010.Blurred.
076.Anonymous.077.Poison.078.Cure. 079.Moonlight.080.Sunbeam.
096.Sand.097.Ice cream.098.Mail/email.099.Map.100.Game.
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